The Women’s Investment Network (WIN) was established in 2017 by Zoë Cousens to inspire you to live your best life through:
  • executive coaching to achieve your full potential at key stages in your journey
  • transformational personal development courses
  • helping you to achieve financial freedom of choice
  • sharing 35 years’ experience navigating being a professional woman in a man’s world
  • WIN community events on lifestyle topics, and luxury ‘Elevate your Life’ retreats
  • sharing expert knowledge about multi-cultural nuances

“I will provide you with practical advice and expert guidance on your journey to growth and success.”

Zoë Cousens, Founder of the Women’s Investment Network

Having started as one of the first women to work in the London Stock Exchange in the 1980’s and worked up to Board level, I have significant experience of navigating the path of being a woman working in a man’s world and what that means today. I now work as an Executive Coach & Mentor for women, based between Guernsey and the Gulf countries, offering a range of development programs designed to inspire women to feel confident & courageous along the key stages of their personal & professional journeys to growth. I have genuine multi-cultural expertise having set up my own company in Dubai and travelled extensively in the Gulf region. Being a passionate advocate for financial freedom, my money management program empowers women to become financially knowledgeable, enabling us all to make informed decisions to make our money work for us.
I have achieved a number of professional awards and I am a regular speaker at events such as the World Women Leaders Summit and the Wealth Arabia Conference, as well as being interviewed and published in the UK and UAE media.

My suite of services:
  • Executive Coaching
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Financial Wellness Coaching
  • Individual & Group Mentoring
  • Networking Events & Luxury Retreats
  • Supporting Female Founders