Testimonials for Coaching

“Zoë was warm and engaging from the start with an unassuming and non-judgmental approach, helping to build clarity and using empathy at the right times.”  MT

“Zoë was positive and welcoming, allowing me space to talk, and her tone conveyed reassurance and understanding. She asked some great questions and allowed me to feel safe to be vulnerable.”  TM

“Through very thoughtful questioning, Zoë created a really safe environment to explore the topic. I felt supported, we explored a number of options and I felt assured the focus was very much on me. Zoë manages to command respect, but at the same time is warm, non-judgmental and completely invested in me as her client.”  RG

 “I liked the space Zoë gave me to explain my situation, and shared insights to clarify understanding.”  KC

“Zoë is an inspiring businesswoman, and an excellent mentor and investor.”  FB