Executive Coaching

Are you a woman working at a senior level within mostly male teams? Perhaps you’re finding it hard to speak up & be heard, or have feelings of self-doubt & imposter syndrome? Sometimes it’s hard to balance being assertive with being seen as aggressive, and we suffer insecurities in dealing with conflict resolution & negative mindsets. Often we simply want to find a balance in the way we live our lives, and the key may be as simple as talking through these issues with someone who’s experienced many of them, as I have throughout my long career.

Having worked at Board level in the Channel Islands and the United Arab Emirates, I understand the pressures and challenges that may arise for women working at executive level. As your Executive Coach, I will work with you to develop strategies to navigate difficulties, adopt different approaches, benefit from important cultural knowledge and build your success story through greater job satisfaction and enhanced leadership skills.

With the evolution of the post-pandemic workplace, combined with ever-growing regulation and technological advances, leaders increasingly need a wider range of skills. In our coaching process, we will work together to enhance your skills in a supportive setting, tailored to your individual needs. Simply shifting your focus and imagining the future can help you to move forward with confidence.

The proven numerous benefits of coaching at all levels include improved personal & professional growth, better motivation & engagement, increased productivity & performance, enhanced leadership skills, better stress management & conflict resolution, and refined communication skills. Why not start your journey to success today and contact me on 00 44 7781 106602 or zoe@thewomensinvestmentnetwork.com?