Have you recently started a new career and are seeking guidance and support to help you navigate the world of work, develop essential skills, and make relevant connections?

I have enjoyed many years’ experience of mentoring young men and women from different cultures, working in a variety of industries.  As your Mentor, I will help you to focus on planning ahead for your future, setting you on the right path by sharing my expertise and experience with you, encouraging and motivating you to identify goals, overcome challenges and increase the confidence and self-awareness you need to achieve career breakthroughs.

Among the many vital skills to be learned are the ability to collaborate with colleagues and work as a team, and learn & improve attributes such as adaptability, delegation and decision-making. Softer skills such as empathy & compassion, knowing how to give & receive feedback, and active listening are also essential for career success and we can develop these together throughout the mentor/mentee relationship.

I will act as your sounding board to test out ideas, and we will work on removing unhelpful ways of thinking, imposter syndrome and negative mindsets.  Working together will help you to increase the level of comfort you feel in seeking support and guidance from others rather than struggling to find answers alone.

It is my goal to raise you out of your comfort zone, develop vital skills, uncover new opportunities together and set you confidently on your journey to growth and success.

Mentoring Circles

Boost your personal and professional growth by joining one of my Mentoring Circles offering insights, guidance and the tools you’ll need along your path to career fulfilment & success.

Supercharge your career within a supportive community who will help you to identify & achieve your goals. In a Mentoring Circle, knowledge sharing occurs among all the members with everyone contributing insights, lessons learned, and best practices, creating a collaborative learning environment for all.

Participating in a Mentoring Circle will benefit you with:

  • networking opportunities to build connections
  • building self-awareness and resilience
  • discussions about common challenges & solutions
  • learning about leadership skills by supporting others
  • perfecting communication skills
  • help to manage stressful situations & resolve conflict

and many more important development competencies.

For my Mentoring Program or to register interest in joining a Circle, please WhatsApp on 00 44 7781 106602 or

“I’m committed to connecting executives with students who wish to learn about career and life experiences, and a number of guest speakers are waiting to share their knowledge with Circlers.”