Personal Development Coaching

Are you a junior or mid-level career woman, keen to progress on your professional journey and learn new skills along the way? Would you like to build your confidence to help you manage feelings of self-doubt which are holding you back from a leadership position? Perhaps you find it difficult to speak up and are lacking motivation?

My goal with this Leadership Development Program is to help you to focus on planning ahead for your future career, setting you on the right path by sharing my expertise and experience with you, increasing the self-awareness and build the confidence you need to achieve career breakthroughs. Together we will identify & develop leadership strengths, such as leading teams and mastering negotiation & conflict resolution.

Coaching brings a host of wide-ranging benefits to the person who invests in themselves by engaging with this powerful process. I will work with you to unlock your full potential, boosting your confidence, and encouraging, motivating and guiding you on your personal journey to growth.

A coaching relationship offers a safe space to talk through issues and concerns, where you can learn more about yourself and discuss life’s challenges together. It’s a place to discover fresh perspectives and innovative solutions, to feel inspired to seize new opportunities and overcome obstacles.

As your coach, I bring a wealth of knowledge & expertise, and I will work with you to transform a negative mindset, improve communication skills, bring clarity to difficulties, and help you to build a strong, supportive community. Through building personal awareness and confidence, weaknesses can be turned into strengths, and strategies to success may be clearly identified and achieved. Having one-to-one support can be extremely beneficial: simply knowing that someone is committed to offering you insights and guidance with the tools you’ll need along your path to fulfilment and success, will boost your confidence and enhance the skills you need to succeed. To set you on the path to transformation, contact me on 00 44 7781 106602 or

“Together we will define your goals in a realistic way and work towards achieving them, with a substantial return on this ‘investment in yourself’ in mind.”

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