Testimonials for my Workshops

“Found the session enlightening, delivered clear and in simple terms and with SO many AHA moments.” H.H.

“Definitely coming to all the next sessions. Thank you so much – you rock!” H.H.

“Thank you for a compelling presentation – that’s the first time I’ve actually understood investing.” S.L.G.

“Thank you for the informative evening, it was worth every minute!” K.W.

“Thank you so much for these sessions. I wish more women would know about it! All the information is truly eye opening for me and I hope to learn more from you.” B.T.

“This morning I was walking to the coffee shop with two of our lawyers. I could actually participate in a conversation that included terms like bonds and listing. This was thanks to our session. Thought I’d let you know.” K.R.

“Thank you once again for another excellent presentation; I personally enjoyed it very much and found it demystified some of the terms (gilts, equities etc) which I had never quite understood – and always been afraid to ask! You have definitely given me some food for thought.” J.P.